When are we in your area?

Our staff and people we work with do from time to time visit your area. This is to give you the opportunity to talk to your housing officer, community involvement officer, Tenant Panel members and your community police officer.  It means you can ask for help and advice from the comfort of your own doorstep - with no need to get to your local Magna office.  All you have to do is be home when we're in your area! 

Dates for when we will be in your area are below.  Nearer the date of the visit, look for more information on our Facebook page or Twitter. If you would like to speak to someone, you can contact your housing officer ยป  

Here's where we plan to have area visits:

Date Start Time Area Location and Route End Time
Thursday 22nd May 9.00am Williton Williton St. Peter's House Board Room 9.30am
  9.30am Williton Williton St, Peter's Close, Bridge Street, Half Acre, Half Acre Close, Tower Hill, Egremont Court 10.55am
  11.00am Williton Doniford Road, The Croft, Chibbets Court, Danesborough View 12.30pm
Tuesday 3rd June 9.00am Carhampton Carantoc Place Community Room 9.30am
  9.30am Carhampton Carantoc Place, Millets Close, Hill View Road, Hill Lane, New Road, Meadowside, Orchard Road, Vicarage Road, Eastbury Road 11.30am
  11.35am Withycombe Buckhill and Meadow Cottages 12.05pm
  12.10pm Rodhuish Park Cottages 12.20pm
  12.30pm Luxborough West View and Purley Ford 12.40pm
Tuesday 10 June 9.30am Bridgwater Poskitt House, Saltlands, Waterfields 10.30am
  10.35am Bridgwater Coral Court, Bailey Street, Albion Close, Malvern Close, Biddiscombe Close, Spillars Close 11.35am
  11.55am Cannington High Street, Rose Villas 12.15pm
Thursday 12 June 9.30am Wheddon Cross Meadow Close 9.45am
  9.50am Wheddon Cross Bouverie Close, The Firs 10.20am
  10.25am Cutcombe Hillview 10.35am
  11.00am Exford Tudballs, Coombe Lane, Conifer Close 11.20am
  11.30am Withypool Riverside Cottages, Hawthorn Bungalows 11.40am
  12.15pm Winsford Edbrook Cottages, Ash Lane 12.25pm
  12.35pm Bridgetown Meadow Cottages, Spring Cottages 1.00pm
Thursday 19 June 9.00am Dulverton Fishers Mead Community Room 9.30am
  9.30am Dulverton Fishers Mead, Barnsclose North, Barnsclose, Barnsclose West, Barnsclose Mead, Pixton Way, Amory Road, Jury Road, Allers ViewPixton Way, Amory Road, Jury Road, Allers View 10.30pm
  11.00am Dulverton The Castle 12.10pm
Tuesday 24 June 9.30am Crowcombe Brendon View, The Elms, Hagleys Green 10.10am
  10.15am Bicknoller Church Lane, Parsons Close 10.45am
  11.15am Holford Green Close 11.30am
  11.40am Kilve Old Ham, Quantock View 12.00pm
Thursday 26 June 9.00am Porlock Healeys Community Room 9.20am
  9.30am Porlock Healeys, Parks View, Bay Road, Coach Road, Riverside Row 11.00am
  11.00am Bossington Sydenham Close 11.15am
  11.50am Allerford / Luccombe Harepark 12.10pm
Thursday 3 July 1.30pm Roadwater Manor View, The Crescent, Goodings, Clitsome View 2.30pm
  2.40pm Old Cleeve Pillory Cottages 2.50pm
  3.05pm Monksilver Pond Orchard, Sunnybank 3.25pm
  3.45pm Brompton Ralph Hillview 3.55pm
  4.05pm Clatworthy Church View, Sunnyside 4.20pm
Thursday 10 July 9.00am Wellington Holyoake Street Community Room 9.30am
  9.30am Wellington Holyoake Street 10.15am
  10.20am Wellington Howard Road, Longforth Road, Lodge Close 10.50am
  10.55am Wellington Jubilee Court 11.15am
  11.25am Wellington Bramley Close, Baynes Close 11.45am
  11.55am Wellington Immenstadt Drive, Blackberry Court 12.20pm
  12.50pm Taunton Laverock Court, Cheddon Road 1.30pm
  1.45pm Wiveliscombe Tuckers Meadow, Allenslade Close 2.00 pm
  2.10pm Huish Champflower Longmead 2.15pm
Tuesday 22 July 9.00am Minehead Sainsbury Road Community Hall 9.30am
  9.35am Minehead Sycamore Road, Ash Grove, Hawthorn Road, Lime Close, Oak Close, Whitworth Road 12.30pm
Tuesday 5 August 9.00am Dunster Riverside Gardens Community Room 9.30am
  9.30am Dunster Riverside Gardens, Conygar View, Bremis Road 10.15am
  10.25am Dunster Mill Lane, Mill Gardens, West Close 10.55am
  11.05am Timberscombe Orchard Bungalows, Orchard Way, Meadow View, The Glebe 12.30pm
Tuesday 19 August 9.30am Bampton Winifred Cliff Court 9.40am
  9.45am Bampton Woodland Close 11.05am
  11.30am Tiverton The Old School Chapel Street 12.00pm
  12.25pm Barnstaple Granary Court, Maldram Mill 1.15pm
  2.20pm Braunton Caen View, Cutterborrow Lane 2.40pm
  2.55pm Ilfracombe Chichester Close, Slade Valley Road, Princess Avenue 3.30pm
  3.50pm Lynton Hobbs Yard, Jubilee Court 4.10pm
Tuesday 16 September 9.30am Minehead Luttrell Gardens Community Room 10.00am
  10.00am Minehead Luttrell Gardens, Dugdale Street, Bosanquet, Brook Close 11.30am
  11.35am Minehead Periton Way, Periton Lane, Hillview Close 1.00pm
Tuesday 3 February 2015 9.30am Skilgate St John's Close 9.50am
  10.20am Brushford Jubilee Gardens, Pounds Close, Market Close, Nicholas Close 11.00am
  11.05am Dulverton Battleton 11.15am
  11.35am Brompton Regis Haddon View, Haddon Close 12.20pm
Thursday 12 February 2015 9.30am Watchet Maglands Road Community Room 10.00am
  10.00am Watchet Maglands Road, Ingrams Meadow, Reed Close, Culvercliffe Road 10.40am
  10.50am Watchet Helwell Green, Ramon Avenue, Wristland Road, Wouldham Road, Liddymore Road, Wyndham Road, Quantock Road, Flowerdale Road, Sea View (Doniford) 12.30pm
Tuesday 17 February 2015 9.30am Minehead (Cuckoo Meadow) Sainsbury Road Community Hall (meeting outside hall only) 10.00am
  10.05am Minehead Sycamore Road, Ash Grove, Hawthorn Road, Lime Close, Oak Close, Whitworth Road 1.00pm
Thursday 26 February 2015 9.30am Stogursey St Audries Close Community Room 10.00am
  10.00am Stogursey St Audries Close, Park View, Lime Street, Northfield Close, Burgage Road, Vicarage Close, Tower Hill, Paddons Farm 1.00pm
Tuesday 3 March 2015 9.30am Carhampton Carantoc Place Community Room 10.00am
  10.00am Carhampton Carantoc Place, Millets Close, Hill View Road, Hill Lane, New Road, Meadowside, Orchard Road, Vicarage Road, Eastbury Road 12.00pm
Thursday 5 March 2015 11.00am Watchet Maglands Road Community Room 11.30am
  11.35am Watchet School Close, South Road, Temple Field, Churchill Way, Courtlands Close, Woodland Road, Grove Close, Risdon Road 12.30am
Thursday 12 March 2015 9.30am Bridgwater Victoria Park Community Centre (Activity Room meeting place) 10.00am
  10.35am Bridgwater Poskitt House, Saltlands, Waterfields 11.30am
  11.35am Bridgwater Coral Court, Albion Close, Malvern Close, Biddiscombe Close, Spillars Close 12.35am
Tuesday 17 March 2015 9.30am Minehead (Seaward Way) Sandpiper Close (meeting place) 10.00am
  10.00am Minehead Sandpiper Close, Little Plover Close, Mallard Road, Shelduck Close, Pintail Road, Wigeon Close 12.00pm
Thursday 19 March 2015 9.30am Williton (Townsend) Danesborough View Community Room 10.00am
  10.35am Williton Townsend, Foresters Close, Long Street 11.30am
  11.35am Williton Dovetons Drive, Longlakes, Orchard Way, Larviscombe Close, Larviscombe Road 12.15pm
  12.20pm Williton Croftways, Whitecroft, Northcroft 12.50pm
Thursday 26 March 2015 9.30am Watchet Maglands Road Community Room 10.00am
  10.00am Watchet Kingsland, Gillams Close, Anvil Court, Whitehall, Werren Close, West Street 12.00am

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