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We have around 480 garages across West Somerset in the following areas:

Alcombe, Allerford, Brushford, Carhampton, Crowcombe, Dunster, Dulverton, Holford, Kilve, Minehead, Monksilver, Porlock, Roadwater, Stogursey, Timberscombe, Washford, Watchet, Williton, Withycombe.

The prices start at £28.41 per month for Magna West Somerset residents for a garage that has not been refurbished.  Refurbished garages start at £29.72 per month.

If you are not a Magna West Somerset resident, or if you have more than one garage, VAT is payable.

The monthly rent is payable in advance by direct debit only on all garages, whther you are an MWS tenant or not.

From 1st April 2015, the monthly charge for garages for Magna West Somerset residents will be £28.75 for a garage that has not been refurbished and £30.52 for a refurbished garage. 

If you would like a garage, please apply through HomefinderSomerset.

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